Where can a good wolfberry grow?

Whether or not a good wolfberry can be planted has a great relationship with the growth environment and climate of the wolfberry. Years of planting experience shows that Ningxia wolfberry grows best in the dry northwest. But there are still big differences in the wolfberry. Gansu and Ningxia wolfberry are small, with low sugar content and do not agglomerate; Qinghai, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia wolfberry particles are relatively large, with high sugar content, but tend to agglomerate.

Before the wolfberry tree sprouts, the most important thing is to cut the wolfberry branches. The pruning of the wolfberry affects the yield of the wolfberry and the ratio of summer and autumn wolfberries. Generally, wolfberry farmers hope to produce more summer fruit wolfberry, because summer fruit wolfberry is relatively large, the sun will be hotter, and the color of the wolfberry is better. Generally, pruning goji berries requires experienced goji berry farmers to cut it.

The next step is to water and topdress the wolfberry, because there was a lot of chemical fertilizer, which caused serious agglomeration. Many people now realize that this is not enough, and start to actively use farmyard manure and biological fertilizer, which can improve the soil structure. Around April, pesticides should be applied to wolfberry, which is a very important link.

Because wolfberry is a plant with serious pests and diseases, such as psyllids, rust mites, and aphids must be prevented. Now Jingyuan is vigorously developing green agriculture, and biological pesticides are very popular. At the same time, it is necessary to start and reduce branches of wolfberry. These harvested wolfberry buds and branches can be used as wolfberry vegetables, and some can be made into wolfberry bud tea.

The last is the picking and drying of wolfberry. Picking wolfberry is very time-consuming. Generally, in Jingyuan, the fastest picker picks 100 jin a day. Drying wolfberry is the most problematic link, and it has a great impact on the price of wolfberry.

Before the wolfberry is dried, it is generally necessary to add edible alkaline water to destroy the waxy layer of the fresh wolfberry. However, many people often add excessive sodium metabisulfite in pursuit of the freshness of goji berries; some goji berries are seriously damaged and require sulfur treatment. Eating such wolfberry for many years can damage the liver and kidneys of people.

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