Where exactly to buy goji berries in China

Ningxia goji berries, together with Qiongzhen Ganoderma lucidum, Changbaishan ginseng and Dong’a jiao, are known as the “Four Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, which are affordable and have high medicinal value. Goji berries contain goji polysaccharides, betaine, atropine, etc., among which goji polysaccharides can enhance immune function and inhibit tumor growth; Goji berries can nourish the kidney and essence, nourish the liver and eyes, replenish blood and calm the spirit, cure liver and kidney yin deficiency, waist and knee soreness; Goji berries are mainly distributed in three places in northwest China: Ningxia Zhongning, Qinghai and Xinjiang. Ningxia goji berries have a small number, the highest medicinal value, high price, flat and fine shape, many seeds, white spots on most of the stems, floating rate of more than 80% on the soaking water, sweet taste and slightly bitter taste, not easy to agglomerate; Qinghai and Xinjiang goji berries are chubby, large and sweet.

So how to choose good quality goji berries? We selected a number of goji berry samples to be compared and analyzed together, experimentally determined, and summarized some good ways to identify goji berries:
The same as Ningxia goji berries also have grades of advantages and disadvantages, the larger the size, the cleaner the hygiene, no leaf impurities, the better the dryness, the overall color is dark and natural, and there is no gray-black (improper processing) This belongs to good goji berries. At the same time, goji berries bear two stubbles a year, there are autumn fruits and summer fruits, summer fruits are the first season, autumn fruits are the second stubble after summer fruit picking, due to the short growth time of autumn fruits, less nutrient accumulation, the overall quality is not as good as summer fruits. Ningxia goji berries can be divided into mercury fruit, premium grade, special grade, grade A, grade B according to the overall quality of good words. Among them, it is the most cost-effective and extraordinary, suitable for general health and nourishment, mercury fruit particles are the largest, the price is the highest, grade A and B size, nutritional content and other aspects are much worse.

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Qiyi Jiangnan: 500 grams, 35.8 yuan / jin, this goji berry is cheap, large particles, very sweet, can be eaten as a snack, the color is normal. It is too large and easy to meet the standards of authentic Ningxia goji berries, characterized by low price and sulfur-free smoking, which is worth recommending.
Marry Runchang: 500 grams, 47.8 yuan / jin, this goji berry grain is large, sulfur-free, dark color (2 situations: 1 is old goods, 2 is improper processing, not turned in time when drying), sweet taste.

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Yi Kangde: 500 grams, 45.8 yuan / jin, this family goji berries are uniformly grained, most of them are slender spindle-shaped, the size is not as large as the first two, the color is naturally dark red without sulfur smoke, slightly sweet, not agglomerate, and the indicators are displayed as authentic Ningxia goji berries, which belongs to the premium category. Would recommend.
Zhenqi treasure: 500 grams, 42.8 yuan / jin, this family wolfberry particles are small, the color is reddish, slightly sweet and not agglomerate, the shape is slender spindle, it is Ningxia special grade goji berry.

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Fangjia shop: 250 grams, 79.6 / jin, wolfberries are large, long-shaped, non-agglomerate, Ningxia premium grade goji berries, dark color.
Guyuan Hall: 100 grams, 98.6 / jin, wolfberry grains are large, slender, natural dark red color, it is a special grade, and the price is relatively high.
Comprehensive analysis: Although each family is labeled as Ningxia goji berries, but there are indeed goji berries from other origins impersonated, put together a comparison is very obvious, some businesses also have sulfur smoked, this kind of health harm is greater, hope to choose carefully, remember not to choose bright red. According to the price advantage, it is recommended to “Qi Yi Jiangnan”, which is cheaper and sulfur-free; According to the cost performance and medicinal properties are recommended “Yi Kangde”, which is an authentic Ningxia Zhongning premium grade goji berry, good quality, and sulfur-free, the above is objective sharing, for your reference only.

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