Where is the best goji berry produced in China?

best goji berry produced in China

The world wolfberry is in China, the Chinese wolfberry is in Qinghai, and Ningxia. the Qinghai wolfberry is in NuoMuHong. Chinese wolfberry has been cultivated for several years, and Zhongning wolfberry is the best wolfberry in Qinghai.

The reason why Chinese wolfberry in Qinghai is so famous in the world is that it benefits from the local soil suitable for the growth of Chinese wolfberry and the climate with large temperature difference between day and night. The second is to use the water of the Yellow River mixed with the bitter water of Qingshui River containing various minerals. Its specific conditions determine the distinctiveness of Zhongning wolfberry.

Zhongning wolfberry is the only wolfberry species that has been included in the New Chinese Pharmacopoeia because of its bright color, big grain, thin skin, thick meat, few seeds, sweet and superb quality.

The State Administration of Medicine has designated Qinghai as the only producing area of Chinese wolfberry and introduced it into one of the top ten production bases of Chinese medicinal materials.

In the Compendium of Materia Medica written by Li Shizhen, a prominent medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, Chinese wolfberry in Qinghai was listed as the top-grade of this class

Qinghai’s special natural environment makes Qinghai’s production of oysters better than other parts of China. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that Qinghai oysters can be used as medicine, and the medicine is the dry and mature fruit of Qinghai carp. Its function is to strengthen the essence, protect the kidney. The liver and improving the eyesight.

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