Whether black goji berries are good or red goji berries, and how to soak black goji berries, 90% of people do not know

Goji berries are known to be the best in Ningxia, because Ningxia berries are the strongest medicinal and suitable for nourishment, so they are in short supply, so it gives example: Qinghai goji berries, and then Xinjiang goji berries and other foreign goji berries pretend to be Ningxia authentic goji berries to enter the market, so you find that as long as it is selling goji berries, it is said to be Ningxia’s goji berries (Yi Kangde brand goji berries are not bad), and then teach you to choose good goji berries according to my years of experience.

Size: Ningxia goji berries of the same grade are small, and the length of the largest tribute fruit will generally not exceed 2cm, while the others will look very large, so if you want Ningxia berries, you must change the concept of “the bigger the better”.
Taste: Ningxia goji berries are slightly sweet in the mouth and bitter aftertaste, while Qinghai goji berries are very sweet and have almost no bitter taste. If you really want to eat sweet, it is better to eat raisins, after all, we buy goji berries to improve health.
Shape: Ningxia goji berries are thin and slender into spindle shapes, with many seeds, while Qinghai goji berries have more meat and are chubby;
White spots: There are white spots at the stem of Ningxia goji berries, but this is not absolute, not every one has it, generally 60% is about the same;
Agglomeration: Ningxia goji berries will not clump (will not stick together) when they are in a dry state, and will soon spread out into granules, because Ningxia berries contain less sugar than Qinghai goji berries, and if the goji berries are already wet, they will also clump. (For example, Yi Kangde goji berries are slightly sweet and do not clump)
Floating rate: Ningxia goji berry bubble has a high floating rate, if half of it is not there or even less, the chance of impersonation is greater.
Another very important point in the identification of goji berries is “whether there is sulfur smoked”, sulfur smoked goji berries, one is to make the color of goji berries look good, to meet some “foreign trade association” people; Second, some aged or poor quality goji berries are smoked with sulfur to increase the price of selling them; The third is to extend the storage time.
Yi Kant Goji berry
Which is better, red goji berries or black goji berries

Functionally alone, the effect of black goji berries and red goji berries is the same. As far as black goji berries and red goji berries are concerned, the biggest difference is that black goji berries are particularly rich in anthocyanins, while red goji berries do not. According to research, anthocyanins are the most natural free scavengers, with very good anti-free radical and antioxidant effects. After taking it, it can play a good beauty effect and delay people’s aging. Therefore, the nutrients in black goji berries are richer than red goji berries. In life, everyone can eat more red goji berries.

In general, black goji berries do not have any polluting ingredients, very rare, particularly precious, very rich in nutrition, is the most precious kind of goji berries, but also has a particularly good tonic effect.

How to soak black goji berries

Black goji berries are the best drink for kidney nourishment, and you should also master and pay attention to certain methods in brewing!

First of all, the water temperature should not be too high, too high water temperature will destroy the nutrition of black goji berries!
Ninety degrees is the optimal water temperature, and black goji berries use the upward casting method, so that the brewing effect will be better and can better lock in nutrients.
Fill the glass pot or bowl with half of the water, and after the tea, add the other half of the water. The first brew of washing tea is not used, drain the tea soup in the glass pot, from the second brew, the soup is left with the root method, that is, about one-fifth of the tea soup is left in the glass pot each time the soup is released, which is convenient for the brewing of the third brew.
The essence of black goji berries lies in the second, third and fourth brews, and they are not used after five brews, of course, they must be mastered according to the amount of tea.
Finally, it is worth noting that the best way to brew black goji berries is a glass pot or lid bowl, the glass pot is convenient to watch the change of black goji berry tea in each brew, and the biggest benefit of the lid bowl is to help volatilize the aroma of black goji berry tea!
Who is not suitable for eating goji berries?

People with weak spleen and stomach are not suitable for eating goji berries
People with loose stools are not suitable for eating goji berries
People with cold and fever are not suitable for eating goji berries
People with a hot constitution are not suitable for eating goji berries
Those who are too young are not suitable for eating goji berries

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