Which province is the origin of wolfberry?

Which province is the origin of wolfberry

There are two main categories of wolfberry: Chinese wolfberry and Ningxia wolfberry… Let’s see where they come from China.

Lycium barbarum: distributed in Northeast, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, southern Gansu, southwest, south-central, eastern China and other provinces; South Korea, Japan, Europe have cultivated or escaped into the wild. It often grows on hillsides, wastelands, hills, saline soils, roadsides, and villages. In addition to being wild in China, it is also grown for medicinal purposes, vegetables or greening in various places.

Ningxia wolfberry: evolved from wild wolfberry in the northwest, the existing cultivated varieties can still be wild under suitable conditions. The early medicinal wolfberry in my country is the product of wild wolfberry collected in Northwest China, which has been recorded in Qin and Han medical books. Sun Simiao, a well-known medical scientist in the early Tang Dynasty, said in “Qianjin Fangyi”: “Ganzhou (now Zhangye, Gansu) is the truth, Ye Houda is.” Northern Song Dynasty scientist Shen Kuo recorded in “Meng Qian Bi Tan”: “The wolfberry was born in the pole of Shaanxi. The side is tall and beautiful, unique.”

Some other varieties of wolfberry are often called wolfberry locally, such as Yunnan wolfberry or Ningxia wolfberry. And based on the distribution characteristics of the two kinds of wolfberry, it can also be simply judged, that is, if it is found in eastern, central and southern my country, it is basically wolfberry or its variety, if found in the northwest, it is basically wolfberry or its variety.

Therefore, the choice of wolfberry must first pay attention to its origin. Ningxia wolfberry has the highest medicinal value and is suitable for nourishing health care. Second, pay attention to its appearance and color. The high-quality wolfberry is dark red in appearance, uniform in size, free of oil particles, broken particles, impurities, insects, mildew, and good dryness. I have bought many brands of wolfberry, such as Bai Ruiyuan, Qilixiang, Qiyi Jiangnan, and Ikang. Among them, Ikant’s wolfberry has the best comprehensive quality, and the price is not the cheapest. It is more cost-effective, but the food, quality and effect should be put first.

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