Why are goji berries so red?

Refinement of medicinal value

It undoubtedly adds a touch of mystery to the goji berries

Legends about it abound


Taking goji berries can always eliminate all diseases and prolong life

This also gives it aliases such as “But Laozi” and “Immortal Dan”

Since then, goji berries have begun to enter the health industry

After the Eastern Han Dynasty

Goji berries caught up in good times

Doctors began to advocate food and medicine for health

Use a combination of medicine and food to treat and prevent diseases

Goji berries are used as a cure

It has become an ingredient used in the diet

For wellness

During the Wei and Jin dynasties, the wind of taking food prevailed

People even refine golden pills for longevity

And the herb plant has also become the so-called fairy herb elixir

Goji berries are one of them

After staying in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the wind of alchemy receded slightly

Chinese wolfberry

But from seeking immortals to food, it has become a good health product

It is sought after by people

Tang Dynasty literati tortoise Meng

Just around his study

It is planted with goji berries and chrysanthemums

Wait until spring

Fresh leaves are picked and placed on plates

Take daily

It can both fill the hunger and feed itself

Mr. Dongpo

Doubts were expressed about this:

How can the literati chew grass and wood?

But I can’t help but follow suit

After that, he was even more impressed

His own small yard is full of goji berries

Seedlings are eaten in spring, leaves in summer, fruits in autumn, and rhizomes in winter

Praise the whole body of goji berries is a treasure

Laughing that he can live as long as Zixia

Advances in cultivation techniques

This, in turn, boosts the demand for goji berries

Goji berries gradually became part of the diet

Goji berries have the benefits of nourishing and strengthening the body

It can increase the plasma testosterone content in the human body

Achieve the effect of strengthening the body

In ancient times, there was a saying that “men travel thousands of miles and do not eat goji berries”

It means that the effect of tonifying the kidney and improving the essence is particularly good

From medicinal use to taking fairy herbs

From fairy grass, it has become a must for the public’s daily health

Goji berries have established themselves in the health industry

However, the ancient production areas of goji berries are all over Henan and Hebei

Gansu, Ningxia and other regions

But in terms of scale, it was not vast before the Ming Dynasty

Fame has not yet reached its peak

It is waiting for an opportunity

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