Why do Chinese people always drink Chinese wolfberry with thermos, is it useful?

Modern medical research has proved that Lycium barbarum contains Lycium polysaccharide, betaine, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can help protect the liver, improve human immunity, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti fatigue and so on.

Ask everyone a question: What water is used when brewing wolfberry? This is part of Chinese culture – Wolfberry health preservation.

In fact, you do n’t need to guess. Most people in China are used to drinking hot water and brewing it with boiling water. In this way, the nutrition of wolfberry can be fully diluted.

However, the water temperature is too hot, on the contrary, it will cause the loss of nutrition!

This is because high water temperature will destroy most of the nutrients in Lycium barbarum, such as carotene (eye protection), betaine, etc,
In this way, Chinese wolfberry has no nutrition and function

Brew Lycium barbarum with a heat preservation cup. The water temperature should not exceed 80 ℃. Because many nutrients in Lycium barbarum are heat-sensitive macromolecular organic substances, such as vitamin A, if boiled and soaked in boiling water, most of the nutrients in Lycium barbarum will be lost .

In addition, the heat preservation cup needs food grade 316 stainless steel, or glass, do not be greedy for cheap, affecting health.

It should be warm water. More precisely, it’s 45 to 60 degrees of water.

Of course, we can’t take a thermometer with us to measure it. It’s suggested that you can wait for the water to boil, cool it for a few minutes, and then soak wolfberry. When making soup, you can cool the soup and add wolfberry.

Generally speaking, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that the recommended daily consumption of wolfberry is about 6-12g.

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