Why do some people have nosebleed when they eat wolfberry

nosebleed when they eat wolfberry

Documenting the use of alternative therapies in the medical chart while a patient is receiving warfarin would be of benefit to providers if an elevated INR level is observed during treatment.

There are individual differences in the cause of thrombin in everyone’s body. Some people will have obvious changes in coagulation factors after eating Chinese wolfberry, but this also shows that Chinese wolfberry has certain health value.

If you eat Lycium barbarum, there is nosebleed, indicating that your constitution is hot, not suitable for long-term use of Lycium barbarum, a small amount of eating is no harm.

Chinese medlar chrysanthemum tea
Chinese goji chrysanthemum tea

If you often have nosebleed, you can use red dates instead of wolfberry, which also has good nutritional value.

In addition, a better solution is to put chrysanthemum in medlar tea. Chrysanthemum can solve this problem. And it’s better to drink.

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