Why do you often drink wolfberry no effect? Nutritionist: The wrong method is the biggest reason

wolfberry no effect

Health preservation is an enduring public topic. With the increasing popularity of health preservation knowledge, even young people have begun to maintain health. Moreover, “Soaking wolfberry in a thermos cup” once made the headlines of hot searches, which shows that in everyone’s subconscious, wolfberry is a good health food. But some people drank it and found no effect. Why is this?

There is no effect of soaking wolfberry in water?

Nowadays, people like to drink wolfberry water, which is used to replenish qi and maintain health, but drinking wolfberry water every day does not change much. In fact, you have eaten the wrong thing. After being soaked in water, wolfberry has no nutrition. Although wolfberry contains many nutrients, such as vitamins, dietary fiber, carotene, etc., many of the nutrients in it are insoluble in water, so even if you drink wolfberry water, you cannot absorb the nutrients inside. .

And most people use boiled water when soaking wolfberry. If the water temperature is too high, the damage to the wolfberry will be great, which will cause the loss of some nutrients. However, many people drink the wolfberry water directly. Was thrown away. In this case, even if you drink wolfberry water for a long time, there will be no benefit.

In fact, the best way to absorb the nutrients in wolfberry is to use dry chewing. Maximize the absorption of the nutrition of wolfberry. If you want to drink in water, pay attention to eating soaked goji berries. Goji berries are easier to digest at this time, and after consumption, they have a good effect on the body.

Eat some goji berries often, and the body can gain a lot of benefits. For people with insomnia, drink a glass of goji berry water before going to bed every day. Remember to eat wolfberry together when drinking water so that they can absorb the nutrients in wolfberry. Mainly because wolfberry can soothe irritable emotions, promote sleep, sleep well, the human body will be more energetic. Especially women in menopause, may wish to eat more.

wolfberry no effect

Lycium barbarum can also be used for people with poor liver conditions. It contains some polysaccharides. After being consumed by the human body, it can treat poor liver conditions, so give it a try.

However, you must pay attention when eating wolfberry and control the amount. After all, it is not a particularly magical thing. It is a simple ingredient. It has a certain heat. If it is eaten too much, it may also aggravate physical discomfort. Become irritable. Therefore, it is also recommended to eat less every day, about ten pills a day.

Usually when drinking wolfberry soaking in water, you can also add other things, such as red dates, hawthorn, ginger, etc., and mix them together to help nourish blood and nourish qi and improve body activity. Especially female friends can drink more, and those who use their eyes for a long time should also eat more wolfberries, which can improve eyesight. Must pay attention to eating wolfberry together to absorb the nutrients inside.

wolfberry no effect

Wolfberry is a very good supplement, but the way of eating is also very particular, and it is not what we usually do, such as directly soaking in water and drinking, in fact, the effect of this is almost no. If you want to get the nutrition of wolfberry and make the health regimen effective, it is inevitable that you might as well eat a few grains of wolfberry every day, it is inevitable that you will absorb more of the nutrients in the wolfberry, so that your health regimen will also get a certain effect, not to say Drinking a lot of medlar soaked in water every day has no effect at all.

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