Why is Ningxia wolfberry the best?

Why is Ningxia wolfberry the best?
  • Growing wolfberry on sandy land in low and middle latitudes has the highest temperature and high accumulated temperature

Goji berries have particularly high requirements for temperature. The highest temperature in sandy land, Ningxia, can reach above 40℃, and the temperature of sandy land can reach above 50℃. For medlar, photosynthesis is carried out for a long time during the day and only at night. The short-term respiration is very beneficial to the growth of wolfberry.

  • Growing wolfberry in sand, with many trace elements

The wolfberry growing areas in Ningxia are all yellow irrigation areas. In other words, many years ago, these places were unpopulated. It is precisely because these places have not planted crops for too long, and the rainfall is low, and they will not grow too many wild plants. In this way, they have accumulated a lot of nutrients. Especially trace biological elements, the content is particularly rich.

  • The Yellow River water is irrigated with rich nutrition and no pollution

Because of the low rainfall, it is impossible to grow wolfberry from the sky, but there is the Yellow River and the water of the Yellow River enriches Ningxia. The reason why the water of the Yellow River is yellow is that there is too much soil in the water, and these soils are not ordinary soils. They are the most fertile soil in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. They are especially suitable for crop production. Located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, there is no doubt that it is absolutely environmentally friendly!

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