Why is wolfberry so red

The Weining Plain formed by the alluvial accumulation of the Yellow River is the birthplace and origin of Ningxia wolfberry. Ningxia wolfberry has a brand history of more than 500 years. In 1995, Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, Ningxia was named the “Hometown of Chinese wolfberry” by the State Council. At present, Ningxia has 1 million mu of wolfberry planting area, with an annual output value of 13 billion yuan. In the fierce market competition, Ningxia wolfberry stands out. Zhongning wolfberry is well-known at home and abroad for its excellent quality and brand advantages.

   improve quality

   Lycium barbarum is one of the special plant resources of China Land, which has the compound advantage of “same medicine and food”. There are about 80 species of wolfberry in the world, the most famous and most valuable is Ningxia wolfberry. The magical land where the Qingshui River and the Yellow River floodplain originated from the Liupan Mountains gave birth to one of the outstanding Zhongning wolfberries.

   Why is Ningxia wolfberry good? Zhang Weizhong, a major grower of wolfberry in Shangqiao Village, Zhouta Township, Zhongning County, told reporters: “The Qingshui River washed the valley into a gentle slope. After thousands of years of accumulation and precipitation of minerals, this place has made us a good place rich in wolfberry.”

  The wolfberry produced in Zhongning County has bright colors, large grains, thin skin, thick flesh, soft texture, sweet taste, pleasing appearance, rich internal nutrition, and high edible and medicinal value.

   Zhongning wolfberry has excellent quality, and its quality construction is spiraling in a “pyramid” pattern. The pollution-free is the “tower base”, the green food is the “tower body”, and the organic food is the “tower tip”. In 2000, the former Ministry of Agriculture conducted a “no-pollution” wolfberry production pilot in Zhongning County. After four years of hard work, a total of 140,000 mu passed the acceptance of the original Ministry of Agriculture; in 2006, it was again used as a pilot by the former Ministry of Agriculture. In August 2016, the county was 184,100 mu Successfully passed the acceptance of the former Ministry of Agriculture’s “unscheduled inspection and random sampling”.

  Big industry

   “Zhongning wolfberry can have today’s influence, natural endowment accounted for 30%, the day after tomorrow hard work accounted for 70%!” said Meng Yuejun, director of the Zhongning County Wolfberry Industry Development Service Center.

   Why is Zhongning wolfberry so “red”? Because the earliest deep processing of Chinese wolfberry is in Zhongning, Zhongning is the first to get European and American orders, the first standardized planting base is in Zhongning, and the first to have a national sales network is also Zhongning. “In other places, the scale will be developed first, and then the industry will be established. Zhongning wolfberry first obtains European and American orders and has a modern deep processing industry before expanding the planting scale.”

Adhering to the principle of the trademark “Zhongning Lycium Barbarum” that “regardless of death, live without chaos”, “On the one hand, many wolfberry producing areas across the country have come to Zhongning to learn the planting technology and deep processing technology of state-owned enterprises. We welcome them and encourage them to produce high-quality wolfberry. Deep-processed products of dried fruit or wolfberry have become the “downline” of Zhongning’s wolfberry industry.” Meng Yuejun said. On the other hand, Zhongning successively promulgated the “Zhongning Wolfberry Quality Brand Protection Measures” and the “Zhongning Wolfberry Counterfeit Report Reward Measures” to resolutely crack down on counterfeit products.

  In recent years, in order to further expand the benefits of the wolfberry industry, Zhongning County has focused on expanding and strengthening the wolfberry industry with the concept of industrialization. Increasing investment promotion, China Post, Sinopec and other companies built production workshops in the fields to form a “bundled” economic community of “enterprises + scientific research institutions + bases + cooperatives + farmers”; focus on quality safety and build a wolfberry quality inspection center. Establish the “Zhongning Standard” for the world’s wolfberry, formulate high-standard production area environmental standards, production technical standards, organic wolfberry standards, health value confirmation standards, market access standards, pesticide residue control standards, etc., and raise them to national standards; Independent innovation, construction of wolfberry science and technology research and development center, with the aid of the national wolfberry engineering technology research center as a platform, high-standard construction of Zhongning wolfberry research institute. In recent years, Ningqi No. 5, Ningqi No. 7 and Ningqi No. 9 have been cultivated in Zhongning by the National Wolfberry Engineering Center of Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In addition, starting with the elements and health functions of Zhongning wolfberry, it makes full use of the wolfberry fruit. , Leaves, seeds and root resources, vigorously develop the cold chain distribution of fresh wolfberry fruits in the four seasons, and actively develop medlar instant granules, traditional Chinese medicine pieces, bud tea, seed oil, root carvings and other medlar health care, medicine, beauty, crafts and other diversified products.

  Technology help

“Although Ningxia wolfberry is famous all over the world, it can’t get out of the quagmire of high quality and low price for a long time.” Hao Xiangfeng, chairman of Ningxia Bairuiyuan Wolfberry Co., Ltd., told reporters that relying on the company’s years of accumulation and precipitation, Bairuiyuan has adopted technology Iterative upgrades and product upgrades provide users with safer, more assured, and higher-quality good goji berries. “Practices in the past few years have proved that high-quality goji berries and higher prices are acceptable to consumers,” said Hao Xiangfeng.

  Ningxia wolfberry, especially Zhongning wolfberry, is very popular in domestic and foreign markets, and it is natural to expand the scale of cultivation. But how to expand the scale of planting can solve a series of problems such as whether farmers dare to plant, how to plant, and whether they can increase income? Zhongning County formulated the “Zhongning Wolfberry Industry Integrated Development Plan” to comprehensively promote the integrated development of the wolfberry industry. The first is to adopt the “leading enterprise + cooperative + base” order production model, and set the Zhongning wolfberry purchase guide price of 24 yuan/kg, which is about 8 yuan higher than the average price per kilogram in previous years, to ensure that the net income of farmers and cooperatives per mu is More than 4,000 yuan; the second is to use the WeChat public platform to implement a new round of technical training, through uniform standard planting, uniform standard production, and uniform guided price purchases, to achieve high-quality and high-quality prices, and to ensure the interests of growers; third, improve and improve Zhongning International Wolfberry The service function and level of the trading center, the establishment of intelligent market transactions, the establishment of e-commerce warehousing and distribution centers, the establishment of Zhongning wolfberry marketing outlets in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and other places, and the strengthening of fresh fruit sales at airports in first- and second-tier cities , The high-speed railway station established Zhongning wolfberry fresh fruit marketing network, and launched Zhongning wolfberry overseas trademark registration, so that good wolfberry can be sold at a good price.

“Last year, the prices of other goji berries all dropped, but the price of our goji berries rose instead of falling.” Yong Zheng, chairman of Ningxia Qitai Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. said: “This is the contribution of technological patents!” It turns out that there are only a few fresh goji berries in general. The fresh-keeping period of 30 days, and the fresh-keeping period of the fresh wolfberry processed by this company can reach about 30 days! Yongzheng introduced that they used a high-tech process called “modified atmosphere preservation”, which has obtained a national patent. The dried wolfberry fruits processed on this basis are not only good in appearance and rich in nutrition, but the key is to achieve zero pesticide residues. The selling price of dried wolfberry fruits processed by traditional technology is 418 yuan per catty, and the price of dried fruits processed by new technology is as high as 1280 yuan per catty. At present, the fresh and dried fruits processed and produced by Qitai Company are in short supply in high-end markets at home and abroad.

   How much money can I earn by growing wolfberries and selling wolfberries? The old man Zhang Weizhong in Shangqiao Village stretched out two fingers: “The yield per mu is 10 times that of corn and rice. My eldest son and son-in-law work as consultants for wolfberry planting in Gansu and Qinghai, and the younger son opened a wolfberry online shop in Yinchuan. Last year, the whole family The income of Chinese wolfberry is nearly 200,000 yuan.”

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