Wild black goji berries VS artificial cultivated black goji berries

In recent years, wild black goji berries have been popular in the north and south of China, can be medicinal and edible, is a precious tonic brand, with anti-oxidation, anti-premature aging, sleep aid, anti-cancer, calming the nerves and replenishing blood, improving immunity and other abilities are favored by people. However, the black goji berries on the market are mixed, good and bad, and many black-hearted merchants are indiscriminately charged and shoddy, so people who want to buy wild black goji berries are discouraged and do not know how to choose. In fact, the identification method of wild black goji berries is also very simple. Today, Xiaoxue will tell you about the mystery!

I· Origin:

The production area of wild black goji berries is extremely rare, the growth environment is harsh, generally distributed in Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other high-altitude arid areas in China, among which Nuomhong in Qinghai is the best growth zone for wild black goji berries. Long-term sunlight exposure and great temperature difference between day and night have bred first-class wild black goji berries.

The artificially planted black goji berries use pesticides and fertilizers, which do not have high requirements for the place of origin, but the chemical elements remaining in the pesticide remain in the fruit forever, which is extremely harmful to the human body!

II. Pluck:

Wild black goji berries grow in a harsh environment, in this environment, picking all by manual picking, difficult, costly, need to go over the mountains to pick wild black goji berries, extremely difficult, at the same time ten pounds of fruit can be dried into one pound of dried fruit. And wild black goji berries are prickly, which increases the difficulty of picking.

Artificially planted black goji berries use catalysts to grow rapidly, are difficult to pick, simple to dry, although the price is low, but the nutrients have long been lost, can not be compared with wild black goji berries.

III. Appearance:

Wild black goji berries are dark black in appearance and shiny, and growing in the natural environment results in uneven fruit size and flattened size. At the same time, on the stalk, there are traces of anthocyanin penetration, and the stalk is whitish and short. Peeling the fruit, there will be an extremely deep blue-purple color, and there will be about ten small seeds in the wild black goji berry, and the shape of the small seeds is fruit-like.

Artificially grown black goji berries are black in appearance, and with artificial cultivation, the fruit is uniform in size and full in shape, but crumbly. At the same time, there is no sign of anthocyanin penetration, and the fruit stem is not white and long. Peeling the fruit, the blue-purple color of the artificially planted black goji berries is not obvious, and it has only a single core.

IV. Brewing:

Wild black goji berries are extremely fast after brewing, the color is obvious, and it is brushed, which is because wild black goji berries contain a large amount of anthocyanins, which can be brewed more than six times and still have obvious color.

After the artificial cultivation of black goji berries is brewed, the color speed is slow, the color is not obvious, and there is no wire drawing, because the anthocyanin content is small, and there will be no color within three brews at the same time.

V. Palate:

Wild black goji berries have an excellent taste, with a distinct aroma and a slight sweetness when brewed, and a fruity aroma when chewed dry, sweet and delicious.

Artificially grown black goji berries have a bitter taste and no sweetness, and due to the use of pesticides and other chemicals when growing, the taste and nutrition are not as good as wild black goji berries.

VI· Nourishment:

Black goji berries are rich in protein, goji berry polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients, polyphenol polyphenols, flavonoids, betaine, polysaccharides, glycoproteins and fatty acids and other physiological active ingredients, and also rich in natural proanthocyanidins. Among the trace elements, the content of zinc, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium in wild black goji berries is high, and the harmful elements lead, cadmium, arsenic, copper, etc. meet the limit requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, which can be said to be an excellent natural nourishing health product.

The artificially planted black goji berries have less nutrients, low trace elements, and lower anthocyanin content, which not only cannot play a health care effect, but also harms the body because of pesticide problems.

Modern people’s awareness of health care is getting better and better, black goji berries are gradually entering thousands of households, and the health care effect of wild black goji berries is the respect for black goji berries and the care for themselves. After listening to Xiaoxue’s introduction, is it no longer worried about buying black goji berries by mistake?

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