Wolfberry can suppress skin allergies

Wolfberry with allergies

Skin allergies are a very common form of allergies, and 20% of people have skin allergies. Skin allergies are also called allergic skin. A major feature of allergic skin is itching.

From a medical point of view, skin allergies mainly refer to skin irritation, such as adverse reactions of cosmetics, chemical preparations, pollen, certain foods, polluted air, etc., resulting in redness, swelling, itching, peeling, and allergic dermatitis. Skin allergy symptoms.

Eczema is prone to occur during seasonal changes, and the UV resistance is weak, and skin allergies can occur to synthetic fiber fabrics, excessive perfume, and changes in water quality. Skin allergies are mainly caused by eating seafood, using or contacting metal-containing substances, breathing air containing plant pollen, and reactions to objects or insects;

Wolfberry with allergies

The ingredients of wolfberry include: wolfberry contains carotene 3.39 mg%, thiamine 0.23 mg%, riboflavin 0.33 mg%, niacin 1.7%, and ascorbic acid 3 mg%. β-sitosterol is still isolated. , Linoleic acid.

Most people know that eating wolfberry is helpful for the eyes, but did you know? In fact, the benefits of wolfberry are more than that. Wolfberry contains many nutrients, which can protect the liver, lower blood pressure, and inhibit allergic reactions. In addition to cooking medicated food and boiling hot pot, it can also be added to porridge or brewed into tea to achieve health care. The effect of!

The crimson wolfberry, the small one seems inconspicuous, but the ancients have known how many benefits of wolfberry are, and it is also called the god of life medicine.

Modern medical reports also point out that wolfberry does contain many nutrients, which are beneficial to health. Taking good care of the blood vessels can also protect the liver, inhibit the accumulation of fat in the liver, and inhibit the headaches of allergic reactions during the season.

How much should you eat, and what are the contraindications, Chinese physicians will tell you.

There is also a knack for choosing wolfberry. It is better to choose large and full grains and dark red in color. Avoid processed products with bright colors to eat healthy and at ease!

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