Wolfberry, my life’s career

Wolfberry career

When I first saw Lu Shan,

She is picking goji berries in her goji berry garden,

see us come,

immediately hand us a handful of fresh wolfberry fruit.

in Zhongning County, Ningxia, the hometown of wolfberry,

No matter how busy men are,

Eat some fresh wolfberry fruits every day in summer!

The sweet and sour medlar fruit will burst into pulp.

is different from dried wolfberry fruits!

Zhongning County in Ningxia is the origin of wolfberry,

Goji berries have been cultivated for more than 500 years.

was named “Hometown of Chinese Wolfberry” by the State Council in 1995.

Lu Shan’s family has grown wolfberries for generations,

plain and plain,

and she uses wolfberry

did something to benefit everyone.

In 2019, the wolfberry industry is booming.

The situation is very good,

The old father who has planted wolfberry all his life

Supervisor urged Lu Shan to go abroad to sell his own dried wolfberry fruit.

I thought I was reluctant to admit defeat

and the quality of their own hard enough products will return with a full load,

But the reality has surprised Lu Shan.

In the months of sales,

Lu Shan discovered dried Chinese wolfberry fruits sold in the market

are mostly counterfeit goods,

is even full of sulphur smoke,

The wolfberry soaked in sodium,

(only for the dried fruit after drying, the color is bright and beautiful)

Such wolfberry is harmful to the body but not beneficial.

is like a poison!

Long-term eating is very harmful to the human body.

may even cause cancer!

The media exposed the inside story of dried wolfberry fruit

She was shocked and desperate!

made her fall into contemplation even more:

Such a chaotic goji berry market, where is the outlet for dried fruits?

At the end of 2014, she had to

Go back to my hometown to find another way.

In July 2015, Lu Shan sitting at the head of the field

Looking at a bunch of ruby-like goji berries,

suddenly popped up a question:

Why do wolfberries have to be dried?

“I can send courier to sell fresh fruits directly,

Fresh and healthy!

is not like dried fruit yet,

In the drying process,

There is a large loss of nutritional value,

This is so much better than dried fruits! “

Excited, she seems to have discovered the New World, my life’s work of wolfberry.

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