Wolfberry wine won the first bronze prize in the International Spirits Competition

Wolfberry wine
goji wine

A few days ago, the “Snow Territory Shengfeng 45°Berry Fragrant Liquor” produced by Qinghai Shengfeng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. won the Bronze Award in the 2016 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition. It is reported that this is the first spirits product recognized by international competitions in our province.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that wolfberry has the functions of nourishing weakness, nourishing vital energy, removing cold wind, strengthening yang, stopping tears, and strengthening waist and feet. It is often used to strengthen muscles and bones and prolong life.

Wolfberry wine

Modern scientific research has proved that the effective ingredient of wolfberry is wolfberry polysaccharide and the main ingredient is Arabia Sugar, glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose and rhamnose etc.

Lycium barbarum polysaccharide has the functions of enhancing body immunity, anti-tumor and anti-aging. In addition, it also has obvious effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, resistance to hypoxia and fatigue. It can be processed into wolfberry wine and other wolfberry drinks. There are two main methods for making wolfberry wine: soaking method and brewing method.

As a very healthy fruit raw material, wolfberry has been a good food for people since ancient times. People are also accustomed to using dried wolfberry fruit as auxiliary materials when making medicinal liquor in the folk. Qinghai has a long history of winemaking culture, and at the same time, it is the only producing area of ​​Qinghai-Tibet Plateau medlar, which has a world-class fruit quality.

In the past few years, the R&D team of Xueyu Shengfeng has used Qaidam wolfberry as the first choice for winemaking, and adopted Charente pot distillation technology. After a large number of experimental data analysis, process comparison and multiple adjustments, the wolfberry fruit wine and The spirits series has been favored by the market.

It is understood that the International Wine and Spirits Competition has been established for 40 years. It can be called the Oscar of the global wine industry. It is recognized as the oldest and most prestigious spirits competition. The results announced every year have the latest indicators in the global wine industry. significance.

The 2016 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition is divided into groups by the international jury team. The five main indicators of the color, aroma, body, taste, and final rhyme of the wine are used to identify and distinguish the wine level, and finally rank according to the total score. , Decide the advantages and disadvantages.

The “Xueyu Shengfeng 45° Qixiang Liquor” selected and sent by Qinghai Shengfeng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., with its mellow taste, crystal clear color, long and unique fruity aftertaste of medlar, has won the spirits category Bronze Award. This wine is the only one among the spirits selected by mainland China for the competition, which has a score comparable to Moutai and won the spirit award.

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