Wolfberry you don’t know

How much do you know about health preservation? From ancient times to the present, the term “health preservation” seems to be created for middle-aged and elderly people by nature, and it is a matter of “greasy” middle-aged uncles and the elderly.

Wolfberry you don't know

How much do you know about health

From ancient times to the present, the term “health preservation” seems to have been created for middle-aged and elderly people. It is a matter of “greasy” middle-aged uncles and the elderly. Anyway, it must have nothing to do with the post-90s.

As everyone knows, the “post-90s” and even the “post-95s” of Zhengmao Fenghua have already begun to pay attention to health preservation.

The once cool post-90s generation is now inseparable from the life of “soaking wolfberries in a thermos”.

But, do you know the health effects of soaking wolfberry in water? In daily life, how to soak wolfberry is the most correct way?

Benefits of soaking wolfberry in water


Eating wolfberry can be used for beauty. It is estimated that many people are not very familiar with this function, and this is mainly because wolfberry can help us improve the ability of skin to absorb oxygen, and it also has the effect of whitening skin.


Health preservation, the most important thing is anti-aging, and wolfberry has many anti-oxidants such as wolfberry polysaccharides, vitamin E, carotene and flavonoids. These substances can alleviate the excessive oxidation of free radicals and help us fight against The role of aging.

Nourish the liver and improve eyesight

Lycium barbarum contains a lot of grape polysaccharides, which can help the body’s ability to repair liver damage in research.

In addition, the health of the liver is closely related to the eyes. If the liver is healthy, the eyes will also be healthy. Soaking wolfberry in water also helps us restore vision and relieve eye fatigue.

Peace of mind

Can’t sleep at night because of irritability? Many menopausal women have such troubles. You can drink a cup of wolfberry and red date tea, which can calm the mind and soothe the nerves. However, it is not advisable to drink too much before going to bed, just a small cup to avoid getting up at night and affecting the quality of sleep.

Health Spleen and Stomach

People with poor spleen and stomach are prone to loss of appetite and indigestion. At this time, you can drink Chinese wolfberry and red dates to maintain your spleen and stomach.

Chinese wolfberry and red date tea can invigorate qi and invigorate the spleen. It can also appetite and increase appetite. In addition, it also has certain antidiarrheal and anti-abdominal effects.

Steps to soak wolfberry correctly

Cool boiled soak

Put the wolfberry in the cup first, and then pour it into a cup of cold white boil, which can make the wolfberry expand slowly, and also can clean the dust on the surface of the wolfberry.

Put in baking soda

We all know that the decontamination ability of baking soda is very powerful, and we wait for 5 minutes to soak the cold white boil and then pour a small amount of baking soda, which can help us to further clean the wolfberry.

Soak in warm water

Put the washed goji berries into the cup, then pour a cup of warm water. It should be noted that if hot water is used for brewing, the high temperature will destroy the nutrients contained in wolfberry. Because many substances in wolfberry are not heat-resistant, the best water temperature is about 50 to 80 degrees, so as to make the nutrition better.

Add other materials

When soaking wolfberry, we can mix it with other materials, so that it can give a better effect. The more common materials are red dates, dangshen and chrysanthemum.

Eat wolfberry

Many people think that goji berries are not nutritious after soaking, so they just throw it away.

But in fact, wolfberry contains a lot of substances that are very difficult to dissolve in water, so we should eat wolfberry so that we can absorb the nutrition of wolfberry to the greatest extent.

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