You must not know the origin of wolfberry’s name

The legend of Chinese wolfberry
In Chinese, Gou and dog of goji are the same sound

Legends of wolfberry

Legend 1
According to ancient Chinese books, two flower dogs chase and fight under the wolfberry tree. Two dogs dug out the roots of the tree. The ancients found the plant. Eating the fruit of this plant makes you feel very light.

Legends of wolfberry

Legend 2
Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica introduces the Song Dynasty in China, where walls are built, leaves and fruits of wolfberry are put into the soil. Wild dogs on the roadside like to dig walls to eat. People in ancient China named wolfberry.

Legend 3
An old man keeps a lot of dogs, because the poor old man and dogs are starving to death. Suddenly a fairy comes to give this kind of fruit to a kind old man. The old man lives to be 100 years old after eating it regularly. His dog is also growing stronger, walking fast, turning white into black hair, and very strong.

Legend 4
According to the legend of Zhongning residents in Ningxia, a long time ago, on a sunny morning, a white haired fairy came and brought a bitter mountain spring. He inserted his cane into the beach and floated away. Soon, the field will grow wolfberry. In real life, there is also a bitter water flowing into Qili canal in Zhongning county. But the bitter water can produce the best medlar.

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